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Dental Implant Surgery with the IGI 2.0

Introducing the IGI 2.0 Hybrid Surgical Navigation and Robotics System: revolutionizing dental implantology and precision surgeries. Overcoming workflow and clinical challenges, IGI 2.0 streamlines procedures with a user-friendly interface, reducing chair time. It enhances dentist motor skills and achieves improved patient experiences: minimized pain, accelerated recovery, and enhanced aesthetics.

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IGI 2.0 Hybrid Surgical Navigation and Robotics System


TRAX real time tracking offers unparalleled accuracy (0.35 mm +/- 0.14mm) and a smooth refresh rate (20 ms) with zero onscreen lag.

TRAX gives precision in confined spaces with complex geometries. Moreover, it seamlessly captures rotational motion, crucial for dentistry.

With each procedure, Trax’s accuracy empowers the navigation system, guiding the dentist to a precise trajectory, angle, and depth.


Robotic Autostop

Prioritizing safety, we have implemented a robotic autostop allowing dentists to receive robotics only where they really need it – at the end-user tool.

The autostop acts as a safeguard, preventing off-target drilling during osteotomy.

Importantly, it achieves this without any forced movements of a robotic arm, preserving the tactile sense and feedback of freehand drilling.



Adoption of navigation in dental implantology requires efficient workflow and unwavering accuracy.

MiniLOCK implements a proprietary design that achieves: i) effortless chairside attachment to the patient, ii) steadfastness (no shifting or dislodging during surgery), and iii) easy removal.

This revolutionary device forms the cornerstone of upholding accuracy throughout dental implant procedures.


Planning and procedure

Dentists start a procedure by planning with our tools or third-party planning software. Then, with precision, they execute the plan and navigate a path to implant accuracy.

Surgical Navigation with Robotic Auto-Stop*
For Dental Implantology IGI augments the dentist’s fine
motor skills with precise, real-time visualization of the
drill and introduces robotic safety.

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Clinical and Patient Experience



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Leverage existing CT practice infrastructure

Treat more difficult cases

Higher case acceptance and conversion

Practice growth

IGI 2.0 Workflow


The dentist easily navigates accurate placement of the implant, noninvasively.



Chairside, the MiniLOCK is affixed to the patient’s teeth to ensure that accuracy is maintained throughout the streamlined workflow.



Using a patient CT as a roadmap, the system helps determine optimal implant location, depth and trajectory.


MiniLOCK for accurate patient tracking

Enables precise synchronize the on-screen digital twin with the in-chair patient.
MiniLOCK’s ability to reposition to 50 microns allows a CT scan, diagnosis and planning to occur on either the same day or different days. This also ensures patient comfort since MiniLOCK can be  replaced without any reduction or diminution of accuracy.  Results in a truly collaborative process with patients!

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3D Dynamic Navigation

Active navigational tracking delivers real-time positional data with exceptional accuracy thanks to our proprietary camera and advanced signal detection. The small system can be easily integrated into any dental suite.

Thousands of implants placed safely by leading dentists

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