IGI 2.0

Precision is the cornerstone of dentistry and the IGI 2.0 maintains exceptionally high levels of accuracy across the implantology using pre-operatively planned implant co-ordinates.

Trax active navigational tracking offers precise positional data, seamlessly bridging between a digital anatomy (CT), the dentist motion, and patient movement.

Autostop end-user robotic tool specifically designed for dentistry, provides safety backup.

The company’s proprietary MiniLOCK patient-to-tracker connection maintains a consistently accurate patient-to-plan relationship throughout the procedure, even under patient motion




The System

Robotic Autostop

Prioritizing safety, we have implemented a robotic autostop allowing dentists to receive robotics only where they really need it – at the end-user tool.


Proprietary patient-to-tracker connector


Real time tracking

 Unparalleled accuracy
 (0.35 mm +/- 0.14mm)* and a smooth refresh rate (20 ms)
yields zero onscreen lag.

/ The IGI Navigation and Robotic System

Tech Stack


Maintaining Workflow Accuracy

“MiniLOCK” is a proprietary consumable that is:

  • Easy-to-attach to the patient (chairside)
  • Stable (doesn’t move or dislodge from the teeth during surgery)
  • Easy-to-remove and replace in precisely the same location.

MiniLOCK BENEFITS include:

  • Registration integrity throughout a procedure.
  • Smooth and efficient chairside workflow ensuring patient comfort without compromising accuracy.
  • Allowing focus on the patient – rather than constantly monitoring the connector for movement or rotation.
  • Replacement accuracy – Removal and replacement with a deviation of only 50 microns when attaching to the posterior).
  • Broadening of the patient base by enabling implants for patients who are currently not eligible, e.g., those missing a significant number of their teeth.
  • Same-day scan, plan and surgery, as well as surgery at a date subsequent to the CT scan.


IGI 2.0 Workflow


The dentist easily navigates accurate placement of the implant, noninvasively.



Chairside, the MiniLOCK is affixed to the patient’s teeth to ensure that accuracy is maintained throughout the streamlined workflow.



Using a patient CT as a roadmap, the system helps determine optimal implant location, depth and trajectory.


Images of IGI systems and patients whose implants were planned and placed using the IGI Systems.
Images of the IGI systems and patients whose implants were planned and placed using the IGI Systems.

IGI 2.0 for your practice

The IGI system introduces navigational precision and a robotic autostop designed to eliminate off-target drilling during osteotomies, without resorting to rigid robotic arm movements.

This system combines the essential tactile sensations and feedback associated with freehand drilling with visualization.

Consequently, a procedure is expertly carried out by the dentist, backed by an automatic safety stop feature.

drill guides (static)
IGI navigated (dynamic)
minimally invasive
same day workflow Flexibility
preplan and accurate execution
Easier posterior access
Visualize drill tip

Leverage a CBCT Scan

IGI 2.0 transforms a pre-op CT scan into a 3D map of the anatomy for real-time navigation. During dental implant surgery, an avatar of the drill is superimposed onto the pre-op CT scan. This enables the dentist to “see” the intrabony orientation and position of the drill during surgery, with no added radiation, in real-time.

Clinical Benefits

Clinical Benefits and Economic Value for Dentists, Improved Patient Experience

Immediate Placement

Immediate extraction and implant placement for better patient care

Easy guidance to the sinus floor

Easy guidance to the sinus floor with Robotic Autostop assistance.

Minimally invasive

Less invasive and reduced risk of clinical complications (no surgical flap)

Demanding Aesthetics

Single tooth placement with high aesthetic demands (e.g., narrow anatomy)

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