IGI 2.0 Live Surgery, Jan 2023, Image Navigation

Autostop explanation 2023

IGI video combined: Autostop explanation w live navigated dental implant surgery clip. By Image Navigation (Sept 9 2023)

IGI 2022 combined video

IGI 2022 combined video (Real Time Tracking, Auto-stop, Patient Connector, Live Surgery) image-navigation.com info@image-navigation.com *Auto-Stop & Affixation: *Pending 510(k), this feature is not available for sale within the United States.

Affixation MiniLOCK™ Comparison Oct 26, 2022,.

Affixation MiniLOCK™ Comparison Oct 26, 2022, Image Nav, Neocis, XNav, wide view.

IGI Demo Surgery, Dr U. Sonenfeld, 2 min.

IGI Demo Surgery, Dr U. Sonenfeld, 2 min.

Dr. Dan Eustaquio, Image Navigation, IGI Real-Time Dental Implant Navigation Surgery

Dr. Dan Eustaquio, DDS (Fremont, CA) has been practicing dentistry for more than 20 years. He has performed hundreds of implant cases using Image Navigation’s IGI technology. Image Navigation enables precise, predictable and repeatable “small bone” surgical procedures through the use of real-time navigation technology offering superior accuracy and optimal visualization. Our system has active tracking technology, submillimeter accuracy, no observable lag, is compact and affordable. Our IGI 1.0 has FDA 510K Clearance. IGI 2.0 launch planned for 2021. image-navigation.com/igi
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