IGI 2.0 Live Surgery May, 2023

Surgical Navigation With Robotic Auto-Stop* For Dental Implantology

IGI augments the dentist’s fine motor skills with precise,

real-time visualization of the drill and introduces robotic safety.

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What is IGI?

Image Navigation unveiled its Dual surgical navigation and robotic system for Dental Implantology and Other Precise Surgeries.

The IGI V2.0 system brings the precision of navigation and the safety of robotic tools to the field of dental implantology.

Its new transformative robotic Auto-stop feature stops a drill when it is outside the planned trajectory or location, thereby providing robotic surgery without the robot. The foundation of Auto-stop is enabled through Image Navigation’s proprietary high accuracy, no-observable-lag tracking which ensures that the drill tip location is known precisely.

The system enables both same day scan, plan and surgery, as well as surgery at a date subsequent to the CT scan, without any diminution of accuracy. IGI extends the use of 3D dental CT scans from diagnosis and planning to the actual surgical procedure.

The pre-op CT image is utilized as a detailed on-screen map, providing the surgeon with precise real-time visualization of the direction, position and depth of the drill tip.

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