DentSim is the industry leader in augmented reality dental simulation helping dental students around the world improve their skills.

Introducing the “All New” DentSim v5.0

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How it Works

DentSim is an augmented reality advanced dental training simulator. While seated at a manikin and preparing a preparation, movement of the student’s handpiece and the typodont-tooth are optically tracked and analyzed in real-time

Instant Feedback

Instant feedback means no more waiting for the instructor. Students become more productive in the labs, and instructors can focus on the students who need the most help.
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Develop hand skills

Hundreds of procedures to choose from: basics through advanced procedures ensure that you get the most out of your investment.
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Mental Imagery

Visualize the tooth leading to greater precision in future dental work
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Integrate into your lab

DentSim’s open platform can seamlessly be added to your current environment and allows you to integrate with virtually any mannequin you are already using.
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Real-time feedback

Students receive immediate evaluation on their procedure.
(E.g. depth, wall angle, shape) and are guided to areas where improvements are necessary.

Increases productivity

  • Students get up to 10x more feedback (as compared to traditional method)
  • Instructor can focus on students who need the most help

3D Images

Students can see the tooth and the work they are doing in 3-D and view their work from multiple angles to see their work compared to the ideal.

Increased precision

  • Develop mental imagery of tooth, helping with future work
  • Develop hand skills

Hundreds of applications

DentSim comes pre-loaded with hundreds of different procedures from basic to advanced skills.

Maximize return on investment

  • DentSim can be used from the very beginning of D1 all the way through board preparations.
  • Students can learn and improve their skills throughout dental school

Open Architecture

Open design allows for integration of DentSim system with existing lab equipment including mannequins, etc.

Minimize your financial outlay

  • No need to rebuild lab
  • Can be integrated with existing lab infrastructure

DentSim’s augmented reality simulator is used in leading dental schools worldwide

units sold worldwide


hours student skills training

DentSim Vs. Other Technologies

DentSim greatly enhances the learning experience when compared to other technologies. Recent studies show that DentSim benefits users by providing up to 10x more feedback, leading to higher quality work and a faster learning curve.

See for yourself how DentSim can help YOUR school

Many of the top dental schools around the world have already adopted DentSim to help train their students.
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University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Penn State Dental Medicine
Gheifswald university

Students are able to pull up their older sessions and review them to see if they make the same mistakes over and over again and how they are improving.

Dr. Laura Darnell

I need to start perpendicular to the occlusal table which is hard to see on the typodont but can be seen really nice on DentSim.

DentSim Student

I would guess that students can learn in two hours what used to take six hours on benchtop. They develop the skill to learn operative dentistry.

Dr. Frank Robertello

It is important to build exactly this visual image in the students minds. The DentSim is very suiting for this purpose, because it visualizes the target cavity design compared to the actual cavity preparation by the student.

Dr. Alexander Welk

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