News Medical Life Sciences – Image Navigation Announces World’s Most Advanced Image Guided Implant Dentistry System  

Image Navigation is announcing, at the IDS in Cologne, the world’s most advanced image-guided implant dentistry system

This new image-guided implant (IGI) system extends the use of CBCT scanners to include intra-surgical navigation and has real-time, speed of light, tracking with absolutely no on-screen lag. It also has sub-millimeter accuracy and a robotic auto-stop for maximum safety where the drill motor stops automatically and instantly turns off the drill if it is placed outside of the planned surgical area.

The last few years have seen new opportunities open up in dentistry with significant growth in the dental implant market combined with technological improvements and cost reductions.

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Dental Tribune – Image Navigation Announces Computerized Surgical Navigation System For Dental Implants

Image Navigation Ltd. is on the verge of introducing their Image Guided Implantology, IGI 2.0 system, an FDA-approved surgical GPS for dental implantology, into the market. IGI 2.0 offers real-time, high accuracy surgical navigation, enabling surgeons to perform precise, predictable, and repeatable procedures. Teeth are an important part of a person’s aesthetics. IGI gives the dentist an unprecedented level of control and accuracy on placing the implant optimally for function and also aesthetics. Image Navigation Ltd. is currently raising a new round of funding of $14 to 16 million led by a US investor which will enable it to enter the US and European markets in the coming year…

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JLM- BioCity – Image Navigation Announces World’s Most Advanced Image Guided Implant Dentistry System

IGI expands the use of 3D CT scan images from diagnostics and planning to real-time surgical applications. IGI’s real-time uninterrupted visualization software enables surgeons to have an accurate view of the intra-bony position of the burr and to be in precise control of the direction, position, and depth of their drill. IGI has zero onscreen delay. Image Navigation Ltd. will usher in a new era of navigated and robotic dentistry.

Guidance systems and robotics have made limited inroads into this field. The IGI 2.0 will overcome workflow and clinical challenges, enabling precise, predictable, and repeatable implant placement

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