confidence. performance. preparation.

Clinical Features


Over 100 intra and extra- coronal clinically oriented procedures at varied difficulty levels
Wide selection of carbide and diamond burs supported by software
Grading by negative or positive grading system
Full data bank: records all sessions and enables viewing by students and instructors
MM helper – full Multimedia lessons
DentSim Reporter – DentSim classroom data export in MS Excel format for statistical analysis purposes
Burs Selector – A module to control the burs database
Run-time Control – A unique application that enables the instructor to control the run-time grades.

Work Environment

Tactile feedback and real time evaluation
Immediate and constant feedback by clinical criteria
Preparation simulation in VR environment
Clinical approach: full medical information (x-ray, medical history)
On-line evaluation: objective, detailed and user-friendly
Advanced working environment: light, zoom and rotation options

Software Modes

Clinic – main working mode, preparation and evaluation of dental procedures
Evaluation – outcome-based assessment, feedback based on pre-defined criteria
Review – process-based assessment, view the session from beginning to end
Lesson – prepare a pre-defined procedure
Assignment – obligatory procedure for testing
Practice – free work on dental procedures
Previous Session – review of any saved session
Management – define and control of all DentSim data: procedures, lessons, courses, users and instructors.

See for yourself how DentSim can help YOUR school

Many of the top dental schools around the world have already adopted DentSim to help train their students. View full list here.
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Penn State Dental Medicine
Gheifswald university
Students are able to pull up their older sessions and review them to see if they make the same mistakes over and over again and how they are improving.
Dr. Laura Darnell

I need to start perpendicular to the occlusal table which is hard to see on the typodont but can be seen really nice on DentSim.
DentSim Student

I would guess that students can learn in two hours what used to take six hours on benchtop. They develop the skill to learn operative dentistry.
Dr. Frank Robertello

It is important to build exactly this visual image in the students minds. The DentSim is very suiting for this purpose, because it visualizes the target cavity design compared to the actual cavity preparation by the student.
Dr. Alexander Welk