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DentSim is the industry leading dental simulator, helping dental students around the world improve their skills. The DentSim system is fully integrated with your traditional lab, allowing the students to work on mannequins while viewing their work real-time on the computer monitor. Advanced cameras augmented with GPS-based tracking on the hand piece provide the students with a 3-D view of their work along with feedback on all aspects of the procedure.

Instant feedback = improved learning

Students use the DentSim interactive software to compare their work to the optimal prep, requesting feedback 6 to 10 times per hour. DentSim provides instantaneous visual and digital feedback in regards to floor depth, outline shape, outline centralization, hand-piece positioning, wall angles, retention, floor smoothness, and wall smoothness etc…

Professors working with DentSim have identified critical learning progressions. During these series, the student compares his/her plastic tooth to the on screen (augmented reality) feedback, thinks about his next steps, executes the steps and subsequently checks feedback again to see if he has accomplished his goals.

Develop your hand skills through hundreds of procedures

DentSim comes with over 100 procedures to choose from. Starting with the basics, continuing through advanced procedures. Whether learning to drill to depth, assess long axis, wall angles, outline shape, outline centralization, or hand-piece positioning, utilizing DentSim for specific repetitive practice of fundamental skills rather than copying shapes leads to a higher learning curve of expertise.

Develop mental imagery with multiple applications

From basic skills development to board preparation, your students will benefit from DentSim in a variety of ways. Students will continue to use the DentSim lab throughout their time in school, helping them progress from basic skills development in D1 and D2, through more advanced skills and constant technique refinement in D3 and D4, as well as to prepare for the boards. Best of all, DentSim helps students develop a mental image of the tooth, helping them become better dentists.

“I am completely certain, the initial errors made by students when preparing cavities are not primarily motor-related, but rather derive from the fact that students lack a visual image of the target regarding the cavity design in their minds.* Therefore it is important to build exactly this visual image in the students minds. The DentSim is very suiting for this purpose, because it visualizes the target cavity design compared to the actual cavity preparation.”
* This is obvious through recurring questions such as “is the cavity deep enough?” or “Is the expansion sufficient at the distal level?” etc.
Dr. Alexander Welk, Universität Greifswald, Germany

“As a periodontist I have not drilled a cavity for many years. But I prepared many when I was a dental student and during my general dentist practice.
“When I saw the DS cross-section on screen, I immediately perceived the importance of each mm width in cavity preparation, and how one missing mm or a too wide preparation could create a compromised restorative situation.
“It is important for our students to be aware of the significance and impact of one mm in dentistry, and with DentSim technology we could certainly do it in a visual, objective and unforgettable way”
Dr. Ana Treviño, Dean of Medical and Surgical Dentist Program / Tecnológico de Monterrey, México

“Wall inclination accuracy reflects competence in three-dimensional insight of cavity configuration and development of a stable movement representation. Most likely, the FB+ subjects devoted extra attention to the movement characteristics of the skill, activating extra mental processes, essential to long-term retention.”
Wierinick E, Puttemans V, and van Steenberghe D. Effect of tutorial input in addition to augmented feedback on manual dexterity training and its retention. European J of Dent Educ, 2006, 10: pp 24-31.

Integrate into your lab

DentSim is an open platform, allowing you to integrate with virtually any mannequin you are already using and can seamlessly be added to your current environment. There is no need for additional investment, helping keep your outlay to a minimum.

See for yourself how DentSim can help YOUR school